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Answer:During the specified half-price promotion period, all visitors can buy tickets of specified tourist attractions at half price without certificate. During this period, each tourist attraction may implement different policies specific to children, the old, etc. It is suggested to confirm it by phone in advance.
Answer:During Shanghai Tourism Festival, relevant activities will be promoted and reported on TV and other media. The Opening Ceremony Grand Parade on the evening of September 14 will be on live through local television channels. Audience may pay attention to relevant broadcasting advance notices.
Answer:Citizens and visitors can vote for the Floats Parade and Evaluation Awards this year by using the postcards distributed on the scene, the ballot tickets published on relevant newspaper and online voting channel. Detailed voting approaches and parading route are available on our official website.
Answer:The Opening Ceremony Grand Parade starts from Huaihai Road and Xizang Road and goes westwards to Huaihai Road and Maoming Road. Except for some viewing stands requiring tickets along the line, citizens can view the performance at liberty on such section.
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