Urban Classic
During Shanghai Tourism Festival, the city will become an ocean of joys and fully show its unique style and elegance.
Initiating environmental protection and advocating human-oriented concept, Shanghai Tourism Festival will take you to enjoy life and love Shanghai.
Delicious food is the eternal pursuit of visitors. Shanghai Tourism Festival will serve you all exquisite food of Shanghai cuisine.
Urban Style
Full of nostalgia and modern rhythm, Shanghai Tourism Festival will lead you to appreciate the cityscape in the present and the past.
Urban Style  
Sep. 16 - Sep. 19, 2018

Chinese and foreign folk performing groups will parade the Nanjing Road Pedestr...[more]

Sep. 21 - Sep. 24, 2018

Crossovers of traditional and modern music, of folk and pop music, will feature...[more]

Sep.20-Dec.20, 2018

As a biennale, the exhibition will invite international sculpture artists to di...[more]

Sep. 15 - Oct. 6, 2018

The festival will hold the Street Art, Fuxing Music Fest, Urban Footprint,...[more]

Sep. 23 - Sep. 24, 2018

There will be traditional Chinese opera, poetry and Mid-Autumn customs shows an...[more]

Weekends in September and October, 2018

In the form of picture books, children will be presented with Changning...[more]

Sep.14-Sep.16, 2018

The exhibition creates a collection of special aesthetic shows, impromptu ...[more]

Sep. 17- Oct. 6, 2018

The festival will enrich the cultural life of citizens through the Shanghai Tou...[more]

Sep. 26 – Oct. 7, 2018

The carnival will hold the forest oktoberfest, and organize Yue opera, Sha...[more]

Sep. – Nov., 2018

The season will witness the holding of CAS 2018 –China Automobile modific...[more]

Oct. 1 -Oct. 7, 2018

The festival will invite the magicians to perform the ethereal close-up magic a...[more]

Aug.8-Oct., 2018

The festival will hold the theme activities such as “the M...[more]

Sep. 22 - Sep. 23, 2018

The festival invites 25 famous domestic bands to offer music fans with complete...[more]

Sep. 15 - Oct. 31, 2018

Under the theme of "Sharing Eco-life in Chongming in the Blossom...[more]

Aug. - Sep. 30, 2018

Citizens and tourists can take photos while going on a tour around the attracti...[more]

Sep.16th - Sep.30th

Visit more than ten different towns in Shanghai, and select the most popular be...[more]