Urban Classic
During Shanghai Tourism Festival, the city will become an ocean of joys and fully show its unique style and elegance.
Initiating environmental protection and advocating human-oriented concept, Shanghai Tourism Festival will take you to enjoy life and love Shanghai.
Delicious food is the eternal pursuit of visitors. Shanghai Tourism Festival will serve you all exquisite food of Shanghai cuisine.
Urban Style
Full of nostalgia and modern rhythm, Shanghai Tourism Festival will lead you to appreciate the cityscape in the present and the past.
Sep. 17, 2018

Through the farm dishes contest, we will fully discover the rural customs and p...[more]

Sep. 18 - Sep. 24, 2018

The venue will be painted with German landmarks and landscape so that visi...[more]

Sep. 13 - Sep. 16, 2018

Live demonstrations, sparkling wine tasting and reviews, lectures on sparkling ...[more]

Sep. 14 - Sep. 20, 2018

There will be live demonstrations of various coffee beans, coffee makers, coffe...[more]

Sep. 10- Sep.15, 2018

With passionate bands, enthusiastic dancers, elegant sand paintings and the hea...[more]

Sep. 12 - Sep. 22, 2018

Fresh Bavarian beer, genuine Bavarian folk ornaments and bands playing world po...[more]

Sep. 14- Oct. 28, 2018

The event will hold the HUB world music festival, gourmet restaurant week, life...[more]


With the keynote "Small steamed bun, making life more flavor", a...[more]

Sep.12 – Oct.31, 2018

Highlighting the seafood culture and excavating the unique ...[more]

Sep. 29 - Oct. 31, 2018

The festival will organize activities including the modern agricultural science...[more]

Aug. 31 - Sep. 30, 2018

The hotels of Shanghai Donghu Group will launch themed delicacies with offers. ...[more]

Sep. 16 - Oct. 6, 2018

Consumers will have a taste of the “yummy, healthy and happy” ...[more]

Sep. 20 - Sep. 22, 2018

Shanghai’s featured tourist foods will be voted as winners in categories ...[more]